Sustainability Reports and NGO Engagement

Within the scope of the NGO Capacity Building Programme for Sustainable Business coordinated by REC Turkey with the financial support by Dutch Consulate, Sustainability Reports and NGO Engagement workshops were held...

The winners of the EBAE Turkish National Scheme

The winners of the 2012 Innovation for Sustainability - European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) Turkish National Scheme were announced during a prestigious ceremony held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel,...

Save the Date: 1st National Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Turkey

National and international processes in education for sustainable development, case studies involving a variety of field of interest, and the necessary steps to be taken to put the concept into practice will be...

Green Pack Competition: Call for Applications

Carried out since 2005 by the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and the Regional Environmental Center (REC) Turkey, the Green Pack Project has launched a new program...

Green Pack Training in Yalova

With the support provided by the technical assistance program of the East Marmara Development Agency, the ‘Nature and Environmental Education Project’ was launched in partnership with Yalova Forestry and...

Green Pack Teacher Training on World Environment Day

With the cooperation of Ankara EU Information Centre within the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and the Regional Environmental Center, Green Pack Teacher Training was organized on 5 June,...

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EU Business Awards for the Environment - Turkey Program

Participation in the EU Business Awards for the Environment is now open to Turkish companies. Awards are given every two years, and the competition is open to the participation of all EU member and candidate countries, After national selection in four categories, the winners of each respective country will enter into competition with businesses from other EU countries. The Regional Environment Center- REC Turkey--is the national secretariat of the EU Business Award for the Environment
Green PACK Turkey

Launched in the 2007-2008 school year, Green Pack has been successfully implemented in selected schools with the goal of teaching students basic environmental values and environmentally-friendly behaviors
Facilitating a Turkish Business Initiative on Climate Change

“The Climate Platform”, was established to support the activities in the combat against climate change carried out by the business community, and to assist in the transition to a reduced carbon economy. In an era where a new carbon-focused economy model is emerging, the platform has been developing tools to assist companies in adapting to this paradigm shift in a more rapid, efficient and cost-effective way
Partnerships for Sustainable Development; Sustainable Public Policies and Business Practices in the Black Sea region

The seminar series aimed to provide participants with a deeper knowledge of current sustainable development issues and its practical applications on global and regional basis. The program brought together stakeholders in upper management from 7 beneficiary countries (Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine) and enabled a platform for sharing and partnerships towards attaining the goal of sustainable development.
Corporate Sustainability Certificate Programme

The programme has been developed to prepare Turkish businesses for the “threats” and “opportunities” of the new business model of “Sustainable Development”. The program was prepared by the cooperation of the Regional Environmental Center (REC) Country Office Turkey, Bogazici University,- Life Long Learning Training Center and Sustainable Development and Clean Production Center. It was supported by the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea and the British Council.